The Arkanosophy Pendulum Board is a new elegant and practical tool for your Mystery Performances.

Beautifully crafted by our wood artisan, 9 cms in diameter the Arkanosophy Pendulum Board will offer your fantastic new options. Two sides of symbolic representations and explorations.
In one side you will see Numbers, Letters, Pendulum guidance, Hermetic symbols and more.

In the other side you will find a Zodiac Wheel (that comes from our Wooden Zodiac).

Mindreading, Readings, Predictions, Meditations and much more is possible with this wonderful new tool, and in the complementary eBook in which you will learn routines and ideas.

1.Zodiac Synchronicity: A new way to force any Zodiac Sign in a hands off and simple manner using your board.
2. Meditative Prediction: Offer not just a credible and impactful prediction, but a meditation that your participant will apply for the rest of his life!
3.New Ouija: In this routine you will be able to use your Arkanosophy Pendulum Board as a handy Ouija Board, and reveal all kind of thoughts
4.Pendulum Zodiac: Reveal your participant zodiac sign in a credible and powerful manner
5. Extra Ideas with your Arkanosophy Pendulum Board 

With your order you will receive:

1. Arkanosophy Pendulum Board
3. FREE Magnetic Pendulum
4. Exclusive eBook with ideas and routines

In the small space of a MultiVelvet Bag you will carry all this wonderful tools and opportunities to share profound mysteries with your participants in close-up situations.

• • •